Can I join a class in the middle of a session?

Yes! We offer open enrollment so that you can join anytime and have your class fees prorated. This means that you pay only for the remaining number of classes and not the full session fee.

What should my kids wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor soccer shoes (no cleats) or basic gym shoes. We do not usually recommend shin guards to any child, although they aren’t a bad idea if you are registered for a Micro class. Lil’ Kicker uniforms are included with the required purchase or renewal of your Lil’ Kickers registration fee. Outfitting your child in our Lil’ Kickers jersey is a fun way to make your child feel part of a team. Kids naturally appreciate looking like older uniformed kids and role models. Plus a uniform gives kids a sense of belonging because they look like others on the team. We also understand that some kids are picky about what they wear, so uniforms are not required to participate in class.

What is the difference between a Hoppers and a Jackrabbits class?

Hoppers is a class for beginning 3 and 4 year olds that works on developing individual skills. Jackrabbits is an intermediate class, falling between the Hoppers (for total beginners) and Micro classes (for school age kids who have had previous experience). In Jackrabbits, children play more one-ball oriented games to help them transition from individual skills to team skills. Some small-sided, non-competitive scrimmages are also introduced in Jackrabbits.

What if I can’t make it to one of my classes?

You are allowed to make up any missed classes within the session in which you are enrolled, subject to space availability. We typically offer many other class times, so usually this is not a problem; however we cannot guarantee that space will be available. And note that you cannot carryover make-up classes into later sessions (i.e. If the class was missed during the Summer Session, it must be made up during the Summer Session and will not carry over into Fall).

Can I drop my child off for class?

No. Classes are 50 minutes and require a parent or guardian to be on-site at all times.

Can I register my child for just one class?

No, but we do offer one free trial class to new customers to see if their child enjoys the Lil’ Kickers experience.

What’s your refund policy?

All payments made to the Field House Moorestown are non-refundable unless a program is cancelled due to insufficient participation.  Requests to cancel a program prior to its start must be made 2 weeks prior to program or league start.  If any injury occurs outside of the Field House Moorestown and prohibits a participant from continuing in the program, a doctor’s note must be provided and a credit will be applied to customer’s account. No payment refund will be issued.

Can I create a class that is not on the schedule?

Yes, classes can be created at anytime throughout the session.  There needs to be at least 5 children in the class AND the field space needs to be available.  Email your coordinator to set up your class.